Sea Mini 21 | № 311


Length over all6.50 m Length waterline5.70 m Beam2.50 m Draft fixed keel1.25 m Draft fixed keel1.10 m Draft centreboard1.25 m Displacement1.05 t Ballast 0.40 t Sail area 22.0 m²

The SEA-MINI is our smallest cabin yacht. Despite its length of only 6.50 metres (21 foot plus) it is suitable for open water. The 2.50 metre width makes it trailable in most countries.

It can be built as multi-chine from marine ply or according to the wood epoxy diagonal round bilge method.

A relatively spacious ship of which 400 are sailing, in all parts of the world. Fitted with a centre board, it can sail in all waters.