for steel and aluminium
by Van de Stadt Design

Manual for our Quick Assembly Method for steel and aluminium multi-chine construction.

20 Pages of clear information with illustrations.

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The multi-chine quick assembly method is a very fast way of building. A method in which the computer plays a leading role.

All templates are computer calculated. The plates can be drawn and cut in advance to millimeter accuracy with the help of the shell, deck, roof and cockpit plate templates.
All reference lines for bulkheads, floors, engine bed, keel position and reinforcements can also be simultaneously marked on the plates.

A simple trestle is sufficient in which to build. You start with the bottom plate. Thereafter the plates are tack welded one by one up to the top shell sections.
Due to the great accuracy, a shell with fair lines is formed without frames.
The plate joins are then welded. They remain in shape because there are no hard points to disturb the line.
The strengthening of the shell by welding in frames, floors, engine bed, chainplates, etc. is done later.

By this method a hull can be built in a few weeks. The hull is built right-way up, so it doesn't need to be turned. It can even be built outdoors, but the conserving medium and first paint coat must be applied in a conditioned area
The building method is the same for steel and aluminium. However, the welding of aluminium requires more expertise to retain the tautness of the plates.

There are specialized firms who, with the help of our templates, cut the plates to extreme accuracy with a computer-controlled plasma torch. They also mark out the reference lines. Because the plate edges match perfectly, putting them together is extremely easy.