Helena 38 | № 493


Length over all11.62 m Length waterline9.50 m Beam3.65 m Draft1.90 / 1.70 / 1.50 m Draft keel/centreboard (steel/alum.) 1.10 / 1.77 m Draft keel/centreboard (steel/alum.) 1.23 / 1.90 m Displacement (steel) 8.60 t Displacement (aluminium)7.00 t Displacement (wood core)7.00 t Ballast (steel)2.70 t Ballast (aluminium)3.10 t Ballast (wood core)3.10 t Sail area fractional rig75.50 m²

Our HELENA 38 is a modern design with traditional character. Lines, sail plan, keel and rudder, incorporate 1996 technology but HELENA looks like a much more traditional wooden yacht.
Design no. 493 HELENA combines high performance, easy handling and the spacious interior of our latest designs with the characteristics of classic sailing yachts. The use of traditional boat building materials together with the latest building techniques substantially reduces maintenance especially when compared with older wooden boats on the market.
HELENA has a much more pronounced sheer line than modern designs, seaworthy bulwark with teak caprail, a conventional positively raked transom and a longer superstructure than our latest generation of "Top Designs" like FORNA, SAMOA and others. A well made teak deck and cockpit will give her the beauty of a traditionally wooden yacht.

A carefully made wooden steering wheel fits the character of HELENA. Different owners who enjoy the romance and beauty of classic yachts will no doubt have their own ideas on how to customize HELENA. Oiled teak cockpit coamings, bronze fittings and winches also come to mind.

The sail plan and deck plan are directly from our newer designs with big sheet winches, 7/8 rig, large fully battened main, high aspect jib, providing optimum aerodynamic drive.

Design no. 493 HELENA will not only sail well but will also be an eye-catcher all over the world, and be the pride of many owners who appreciate fine quality, love old boats, but not their high maintenance costs.

The glass fibre wood core versions include expanded deck plate patterns in ACAD dwg format.

The steel and aluminium versions include all expanded plate patterns in ACAD dwg format.

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BUILDING PLANS: Round-bilge Steel & Aluminium
EUR 2200
BUILDING PLANS: Round-bilge Glass-fibre Wood Core
EUR 2200