The study plans have been offered by Van de Stadt Design for some time now, on the assumptions that these plans will enable a prospective customer:
1. to calculate the time and costs involved in building and
2. to decide whether the yacht can be built privately or wether a professional builder should be taken in hand.

A standard set of study plans comprises:
1. Main sections of the yacht, including construction details and dimensions of all available building constructions.
2. Basic list of materials for hull, deck and timber or building specification.
3. Sail plan, including dimensions of sails, required mast section and the diameter and type of standing rigging.
4. Deck layout showing all deck fittings, including hatches and winches, and their types and sizes.
5. Interior plan, top and side views.
6. List of all drawings that are included in the complete set of building plans
7. Polar diagram and stability curve.

If you decide to purchase the complete set of building plans, the study plans will remain useful as they can be used as a reference by your suppliers.

STUDY PLANS - № 431 Stadtline 38

EUR 15

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