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Length over all 15.60 m Length waterline 13.00 m Beam 4.60 m Draft 2.20 m Displacement 20.50 t Ballast 7.50 t Sail area 127.5 m²

Van de Stadt Design offers the IMAGE line of extraordinary yachts, ranging from 40' to 58' (12.30 m - 17.70 m), all with the same design characteristics and concept.

The aluminium IMAGE series of yachts has given blue-water sports a new dimension. As far as speed, safety and comfort are concerned, these yachts are ahead of their time. Designed for intensive sailing pleasure they can be sailed with an open or a closed centre cockpit under all weather conditions.

Wherever you wish to sail, the widest oceans or - thanks to the keel versions available - the shallow inland waterways, your IMAGE will not fail.

All designs are highly detailed for easy construction to a high quality standard and parallel, separate building of hull and interior components. To this end the interior and exterior have been very well worked out, without losing the option of taking your personal requirements into account.

For decades Van de Stadt designs have had a reputation for being beautiful, safe, comfortable, luxurious and timeless. They have traditionally also been excellent performers: during cruises around the world they appeared to perform much better than many other, usually bigger, yachts.

The specially designed doghouse contributes to the crew's comfort, without influencing the sailing characteristics. The double steering is perfectly suitable for people who want to sail frequently, even under extreme circumstances. And Van de Stadt sailors do want to sail! The IMAGE is also easily operated from the cockpit position. Thanks to well-positioned steering instruments, IMAGEs are easily handled by just two persons.

The layout of the IMAGE line is the result of years of designing, building and sailing - many improvements are also based on the feedback of our clients. The main goal of the concept is the combination of the spacious interior volume below deck together with the double cockpit configuration on deck. When the centre cockpit is closed, a second level of interior is created with the same comfort as down below. The large window area and the raised seating position provide a panoramic view. Compared with a deck saloon configuration this solution is much more flexible with regard to adapting to the weather conditions.

All yachts are particularly spacious and practical, and have a refined style and luxury of their own. The main engine, generator, manifold pumps, converters, etc. are located in the well ventilated and insulated spacious engine room, which allows quick access and easy maintenance.