Madeira 44 | № 474


Length over all13.50 m Length waterline11.80 m Beam4.20 m Draft2.20 m Draft1.95 m Draft lift keel2.70/1.25 m Displacement (steel)14.30 t Displacement (aluminium)12.00 t Displacement (wood core)12.00 t Ballast (steel)4.60 t Ballast (aluminium)5.60 t Ballast (wood core)5.60 t Sail area fractional rig105 m²

The 44 foot "MADEIRA" is an ocean sailor for those who insist on safety, speed and comfort. The layout offers space to spend many years on board.

As with all designs by our office the construction and stability meet the highest requirements and prescriptions.
Key Benefits

The 7/8 sail plan with its big full-batten main and high-aspect jib is easy to handle. The aerodynamic propulsion forces of this sail plan are better. The shrouds have been placed further apart, giving the mast better support. Under heavy loads the rig will be much calmer, which is important when you make long trips.

All versions of the keel are equally safe and stable.
As an option a doghouse with fixed windows can be installed, giving shelter and security even under extreme weather conditions.

The spacious owner's cabin is forward with its own toilet/shower unit.

The living area in the cabin is large and comfortable, which is very important when making long trips.

The large windows, hatches and ventilation possibilities preclude that boxed up feeling.

The "wet" area is located close to the entrance, which means that you can reach the toilet, the chart table and the galley in wet clothing without wetting cushions and other items that are difficult to clean.

On starboard and aft there is ample storage space with large hatches. In the deep starboard storage space a generator, diving compressor or heater, etc. (world trip equipment) can be installed.

In the transom a folding swimming platform is integrated with storage space for the life raft.

The plans are available for round-bilge steel, aluminium and glass-fibre wood core. For the multi-chine construction, which is also available, the plans make use of the "quick assembly" method (QAM), known the world over and developed by Van de Stadt Design.

Lift keel version

In the past 10 years we received a lot of orders of retractable keel designs and means that we got quite experienced in that field too.

The main advantage of retractable keel configurations is the fact that the maximum draft possible is large compared to the average draft of fixed keels accepted by cruising sailors. This results in a low centre of gravity of the keel and a lower leeway angle when sailing to windward.

In other words a deep draft keel will increase your cruising performance while it is possible to navigate in shallow waters and enter otherwise inaccessible ports also.

An answer to the crowded anchor grounds all over the world.

The steel and aluminium versions include all expanded plate patterns in ACAD dwg format.

The glass fibre wood core versions include expanded deck plate patterns in ACAD dwg format.

The MADEIRA is a future-oriented design aiming at sailing pleasure for the whole family. Fast and thorough building methods ensure a good investment. Your dream yacht.

DIGITAL BOAT PLANS Click on prices to order
BUILDING PLANS: Multi-chine Steel & Aluminium - Quick Assembly
EUR 3900
BUILDING PLANS: Round-bilge Steel & Aluminium
EUR 4200
BUILDING PLANS: Round-bilge Glass-fibre Wood Core
EUR 4200
BUILDING PLANS: LIFT KEEL Multi-chine Steel & Aluminium - Quick Assembly
EUR 4400
BUILDING PLANS: LIFT KEEL Round-bilge Steel & Aluminium
EUR 4700
BUILDING PLANS: LIFT KEEL Round-bilge Glass-fibre Wood Core
EUR 4700