Samoa 47 | № 426


Length over all14.30 m Length waterline12.00 m Beam4.50 m Draft2.40 m Draft2.20 m Draft2.00 m Draft1.80 m Draft lift keel3.00/1.50 m Displacement (steel)18.00 t Displacement (aluminium)14.60 t Displacement (wood core)14.60 t Ballast (steel)5.10 t Ballast (aluminium)5.50 t Ballast (wood core)5.50 t Sail area fractional rig119 m²

The SAMOA is a true ocean-going yacht on which three couples can live for lengthy periods. The yacht is intended typically for the owner with many individual wishes who wants to sail the oceans quickly and comfortably.

As already said, the style of the interior will reflect the owners personal taste. We have given examples. The SAMOA can, of course, be fitted out as luxury charters where guests can stay aboard for longer periods. The engine room provides enough space for all possible accessories, such as generator, boiler, heating, diving compressor, etc.

In order to be able to sail these large yachts with a small crew, they have been equipped with a 7/8 sloop rig with a high aspect jib. This is the most efficient sail plan and therefore the easiest to handle in combination with the correct winches.
We assume that the future owner will have the yacht built or, in any case, contract-out most of the work. That is why the study pack contains a complete building specification by which shipyard quotations can easily be compared. Included in this pack is a polar diagram which gives the optimum speed for various windspeeds and courses.

The SAMOA approach the freedom of choice of the custom design but at much lower cost. Apart from that, building can be commenced quicker.

Now there ia an update with bulbkeel and high aspect rudder.

DIGITAL BOAT PLANS Click on prices to order
BUILDING PLANS: Multi-chine Steel & Aluminium
EUR 5800
BUILDING PLANS: Round-bilge Steel & Aluminium
EUR 5800
BUILDING PLANS: Round-bilge Glass-fibre Wood Core
EUR 5800
BUILDING PLANS: LIFT KEEL Round-bilge Steel & Aluminium
EUR 6300
BUILDING PLANS: LIFT KEEL Round-bilge Glass-fibre Wood Core
EUR 6300