Tonga 56 | № 428


Length over all 17.10 m Length waterline 14.40 m Beam 5.00 m Draft 2.70 m Draft / lift keel 3.00 / 1.50 m Displacement 23.00 t Ballast 9.00 t Sail area fractional rig 163.00 m²

The TONGA represents our thinking in fast, comfortable, safe and high quality cruising yachts.
It is a logical development of the concept proved very successful with the SAMOA 47, of which several completed long ocean cruises.

Some interesting features of the TONGA are:

Choice of fixed keels from 2.70m to 1.90m or hydraulic lifting keel with twin rudders, minimum draft 1.50m to 3.00m maximum.

All keels are designed strong enough to withstand collision with an underwater obstruction at full hull speed.
Very low centre of gravity and good form stability for excellent seaworthiness and sailing characteristics.
In stern stowage for a 3.10m dinghy.

All control lines to winches in the cockpit except spinnaker, recessed into deck, typical Van de Stadt style.
Modern styled doghouse with full standing headroom gives full shelter at sea for on watch crew.

A large owners cabin is forward well away from the disturbances of engine, cockpit noise and harbour waves slapping under the stern.

A charter version is also available.

The steel and aluminium versions include expanded shell and deck plate patterns in ACAD dwg format.

The van de Stadt 56 TONGA is for cruising people who want to sail fast in comfort an safety.

DIGITAL BOAT PLANS Click on prices to order
BUILDING PLANS: Round-bilge Steel & Aluminium
EUR 12500
BUILDING PLANS: Round-bilge Glass-fibre Wood Core
EUR 12500
BUILDING PLANS: LIFT KEEL Round-bilge Steel & Aluminium
EUR 13000
BUILDING PLANS: LIFT KEEL Round-bilge Glass-fibre Wood Core
EUR 13000